Beyblade is the most recent entry to the Bulldogbots family. The first 15lb battlebot to come out of UMD, it boasts a full body spinner weapon system, with a meltybrain controlled drive. The premise behind Beyblade is to combine both the weapon and drive system into one, providing for more powerful motors to be used.

The bot successfully competed in the regional tournament of the Midwest Robotics League in April. This was the club’s first tournament within the MRL circuit, and we had a blast. The video below shows us nearly winning a fight but the bot became disabled after a big hit knocked a battery wire loose.


The first ever live test!


After a few iterations, more testing.


Sometimes, they don’t always go as expected.


Documentation in various stages of development for the bot can be found below.

Solidworks1 Solidworks2 Solidworks4 IMG_1659 IMG_1876 IMG477 IMG479 IMG484 IMG485 IMG486