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Mall of America Robot Fighting League Competition

Mall of America Robot Fighting League Competition

After a year and change of planning, evaluating, construction and test, the Bulldog bots team made it to the MRL state competition at the Mall of America.  We were able to compete in two fights, losing both, but putting up a decent fight in the first round. The team was...
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Unfortunately the Battle Bots league here in Minnesota has folded and so we have decided to focus our effort on on creating a  local drone racing league here in Duluth. Do not fret, battle bot enthusiasts, we will still work on battle bots, and to anyone reading this Have a Happy New Years!

Fittin Flippn’ Nasty

Today we were able to get the weapon motor mounted and circuit schematic drafted for Flippn’ Nasty.  

Welcome Back fellow Bulldogs

Greetings everyone! As the semester starts rolling along the team has started up again to build some cool robots that, hopefully, can win.

This week in Battlebots

On Tuesday we were able to cut out the base and top for the frame of Flippn’ Nasty.

And we’re Back!!!

Hello loyal Bulldog fans. Recently we have suffered a number of technical difficulties, but we have been abe to sort them out and are now back on track on building out robots.


Hello World

Hello internet today the website should start getting back on track on keeping you all informed about whats going on with the team and progress that is being made towards completing a robot for future competitions.

Site Reset

For those of you tuning in recently, the site has been reset and we’re working to get all the content back up. Stay tuned for more updates as we put everything back into place.   Thanks for your patience.